GX4-150T AFF, Atlas Copco 5 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Air Dryer 53 Gallon Air Tank 1-Phase | 8152101310

GX4-150T AFF, Atlas Copco 5 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Air Dryer 53 Gallon Air Tank 1-Phase | 8152101310

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Model: GX4-150T AFF

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GX4-150T AFF, Atlas Copco 5 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Air Dryer 53 Gallon Air Tank 1-Phase | 8152101310

New GX series: screw compressors built to last Atlas Copco screw compressors have always set the standard for reliability and performance in the compressed air industry. With the new GX 2-7 EP and GX 7-11 EL, Atlas Copco brings the power and reliability of an industrial screw compressor to any type of small and medium sized industries. 
Built-in reliability 
- Rugged screw compressor technology for a 100% continuous duty cycle. 
- Up to 115°F ambient temperature conditions through the selection of robust components. 
- Electropneumatic operated inlet valve for stable running and long life time.
Easy installation
- Multiple variants (floor or tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer) for full flexibility. 
- Minimum footprint and cooling air discharge from the top allows placement against the wall or in a corner. - Plug and play concept thanks to easy installation. 
- Installation close to the point of use thanks to low sound levels.
Simple and quick maintenance 
- Grouped service points accessible through the removable panel. 
- Spin-on oil separator and filter for easy maintenance. 
- Continuous oil level display without panel removal.
- Compared to piston compressors, the GX offers reduced energy consumption and high efficiency. 
- The rotary screw technology minimizes vibrations for silent operation at the lowest initial investment. 
- The standard start/stop control on the GX 2-5 EP ensures the compressor only consumes power when compressed air is needed. The GX 7 EP is equipped with energy efficient load/no load control.
Excellence in quality air
Untreated compressed air contains moisture, aerosols and dirt particles that can damage your system and contaminate your end product. Atlas Copco’s GX compressors provide the clean, dry air that improves reliability, avoiding costly downtime and safeguarding your end products. An integrated dryer and an in-line air filter installed in the Full Feature variants do the job perfectly. 

The GX 2-11 EP & EL FF is available with an advanced built-in refrigerant air dryer. This dryer cools the compressed air and removes water before it can enter your compressed air network preventing rust in your compressed air piping and avoiding damage to your air tools.




  • Product Specification

    • Capacity (CFM) @ 150/175 PSI
      16.6 CFM @ 150
    • Horsepower (HP)
    • Max Pressure (PSI)
      150 PSI
    • Pressure Rating
      Max 150 PSI
    • Pump Drive
      Belt Drive
    • Pump Type
      Oil Injected Rotary Screw
  • Overview & Technical Details

    • Air Dryer Style
    • Certifications
    • Sound Level dBA
      62 dBA
  • Additional Features

    • Air Dryer Included
  • Connection

    • Connection NPT
      1/2" Tank Outlet
  • Dimensions & Weight

    • Dimensions (L)(W)(H)
      56" x 23" x 50"
    • Height (inch)
    • Length (inch)
    • Width (inch)
    • Weight (lbs)
  • Motor Data

    • Motor Type
  • Power Requirements

    • Standard Voltages
    • Voltage
  • Tank Size

    • Air Tank Configuration
    • Air Tank Included
    • Air Tank Size
      53 Gallon
    • Tank Size
      53 Gallon Horizontal Air Tank
  • Warranty

    • Standard Warranty
      1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty